alex ♥ (organizedcure) wrote,
alex ♥

la di da

there is a fairytale that no one tells their daughters
a story spanning several millenia
the pages are torn
scattered across galaxies

there is a page inside you that you've never bothered to read
you don't know what it is

no one tells you this particular story because no one can
not yet
you will never be ready for the way she'll make you complete
you don't know about the agony that comes with that first kiss
the reddened crescent-shaped marks on your thigh will disappear by dawn
but the detail of their existence, the pain, the color, her eyes, the subtle shift in her smile on your lips, the smell of her
will never erase

the sun crawls over the edges of the horizon
on its knees along the cotton fields
slowly & devastatingly
in through the ends of your blinds that you always forget to pull shut
the sun begins to warm you
but the night has not yet drawn to a close
the moon is still bright & opalescent
it plays with the rays of light
& they tickle you awake
it's early, the light is harmonious
but you don't feel so
in fact, you don't feel anything
then you hear her voice
like a siren's song
she beckons you
her sonata is ethereal
made up of debilitating sighs & hands pressed over moans
a seductive melody that hums deeps inside you
vibrating in time with your sins & your sorrow
her song lures you from the sheets
leads you into the moonlit morning
there is no escape
even if you wanted to

her song may sound like it's coming from outside the window
but you know better

you must realize that you're still in bed
that this is all in your head

it's always in your head
she's always wading in the waters
sifting through cerebrum like it's driftwood
her silky lunar tresses leaving ripples
she pushes against the walls of your mind like spiderwebbing shocks
these waters are not shallow
these waters are milky white, deep, vast

you think you've read all the lore
you think you know what she is
you think you understand what it is to love

she rises up from the depths
dripping & crystalline & pure & solitary

you would like to imagine that she is yours
she is not a thing to be harnessed
to be held, maybe
but not owned

you take a single step
her trust is devouring, splashes around you like a drizzle of rain
you feel like you are drowning
her words flood into you
her waves crash against your lungs & your heart
& your soul
you feel at home for the first time in your life

your breath is not your own anymore

you are inside her & she is inside you
this time when she sings, you sing along
she reads between the lines of your fingerprints
she tells you a story about the moon and the sun
how their orbits are not ruled by the sun's massive gravity
but instead held in place by love

you hold her in your arms and weep

when you finally wake, her hand is in yours
you heart is in hers

you thought there were no more stories you hadn't already heard
you were wrong
so wrong

love is not exclusive to a single planet
love cannot be contained in a book or a song or the deepest ocean
love will never be finite
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